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PiKoder/COM (UART2PPM) Evaluation Board Kit

PiKoder/COM evaluation board kit
PiKoder/COM evaluation board kit - 15 €
all parts required, pcb, assembly manual and controller programmed with the latest firmware

Minimum order quantity for international orders: EU 25 €, all other countries 40 €



The PiKoder/PPM will continuously output neutral PPM16 pulse frames (8 channels with 1.5ms pulses each, 20ms total frame length).

The channel pulse length would be controlled by simple ASCII-character based commands send over the UART (parameters are 9600 8N1) thus allowing to control the PiKoder through a standard terminal program. For customizing your PiKoder for your application the most relevant parameters can be adjusted and stored in the PiKoder's non-volatile memory.

The PiKoder/PPM provides thus the bases for controlling PPM encoding for RC, robots, and drones through a serial UART. This encoder works with a broad range of supply voltages ( 3.3 to 5 Volts) allowing you to use a microcontroller's power supply in most instances.

This kit allows you to efficiently evaluate the PiKoder/COM. All in- and outputs are easy to adapt via connectors. Firmware upgrades 'in-place' are supported through an ICSP port.


PiKoder/COM User's Guide (.pdf file)

The PiKoder/COM User's Guide describes the programming of the PiKoder/COM in detail.

Python Script "PiKoderTest"

This script demonstrates how to set the channel values using the Ascii Command Interface.

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