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High Precision Serial Servo Controller for eight servos

PiKoder/SSC-HP: high precison servo controller
PiKoder/SSC-HP - EUR 7,50
Controller programmed with latest firmware release

The PiKoder/SSC-HP is a single chip solution for a high precision serial servo controller (SSC) which gives you full control of up to eight servos or electronic speed controls with a resolution of 0.2 μs which is currently the best resolution available in the industry.

You can connect e.g. your Arduino or Raspberry Pi without any additional interface hardware directly to the PiKoder’s UART. With the addition of a simple off-the-shelf “USB to UART adapter” you control the servos directly from your computer.

The PiKoder/SSC supports two protocols:

  • MiniSSC protocol representing a very common protocol for controlling SSCs
  • a two-way ASCII-Protocol designed to support controlling the SSC-HP with a standard terminal program such as Tera Term

The PiKoder/SSC-HP User's Guide describes the features and the programming of the PiKoder/SSC-HP in more detail.

PiKoder/SSC-HP User's Manual (.pdf file)

The User's Manual provides detailed information regarding the features and the application of the PiKoder/SSC-HP.

Demo Firmware (ZIP archive)

The PiKoder/SSC-HP is available as a fully programmed controller. For your testing a demo firmware is available for downloading. This firmware is provided as freeware for private, non-commercial use. Please note that this firmware does not allow you to use the outputs as switches and to store updated system parameters.


Screen Print PCC
PiKoder Control Center (PCC)

PiKoder/SSC-HP Evaluation Board Kit

PiKoder/SSC-HP pcb

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