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Android App for Bluetooth servo tester with PiKoder/SSC

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The "btServoTester" App and a PiKoder/SSC RX receiver turn your Android Smart Device into an R/C servo tester. The app is available free of charge in the Play Store.

User interface

The user interface of the btServoTester app is pretty intuitive and straight forward. Using the initial screen you would connect to your PiKoder/SSC RX by simply pushing the button. To control the servo you would be using a slider coming up after the connection was established. Please refer to the User's Guide for a detailed overview of the app.

For building your receiver please refer to the PiKoder/SSC Bluetooth receiver page. The App is supported by all PiKoder/SSC firmware versions.


btServoTester User's Guide (.pdf File, EN)

The btServoTester User's Guide describes the app in detail.


Kit for PiKoder/SSC receiver
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