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Digital Radio Control for Makers

The PiKoder 8-channel RC receiver allow you to control your R/C models through your Android™ Smartphone oder Tablet. Simply replace your models receiver and enjoy this advanced R/C model control. With the PiKoder RC Android™ Apps available in the Play Store the touch screen on your device displays control sticks, lever icons and buttons that deliver the same control response as a standard transmitter.

With the same receivers you can also control your R/C model with a Joystick from your PC with true digital commands exactly when needed rather than pulse lengths in a fixed frame sent continously as in traditional ppm systems. You can select WLAN or Bluetooth communication to address your respective range and power requirements.


Overview system components

PiKoder Android App

An intuitive user interface for a radio control transmitter for your Android™ Smart Device! For transmission you would either use Bluetooth or WiFi. A PiKoder receiver completes the radio control. All apps are avialable free of charge in the Google Play Store.

JoystickRC UI

Windows apps for RC with a Joystick connected to your PC to control up to eight servo channels by wire (e.g. for a robot arm in concert with PiKoder/SSC evaluation board), via Bluetooth (deploying a PiKoder/SSC RX receiver) or WLAN with a PiKoder/SSC wRX.

WiFi RC receiver

In this section you will find the PiKoder RC Bluetooth and WLAN receiver. The receivers either control eight servos directly ("PiKoder/SSC - family") or generate an eight channel PPM signal to interface to an Autopilot ("PiKoder/PPM - family").

Serial Servo Controller

The PiKoder RC Servo Controllers control up to eight servos ("PiKoder/SSC - family") based on commands received by a serial port (UART).

PiKoder PPM Encoder

The PiKoder PPM Encoders generate PPM pulse frames which are controlled by commands received either by USB (USB2PPM) or UART (UART2PPM).

PiKoder engineering boards

In this section you will find engineering boards for all Pikoders which enable you to evaluate the controller features.

Screen Print PCC

The PiKoder Control Center (PCC) is a Windows program for evaluating, testing and customizing a PiKoder. The PCC will detect the PiKoder type and firmware version and upload all relevant parameters which can be edited then (depending on your PiKoder's type - please refer to the list of supported PiKoder).

PiKoder wRX boxes

In this section you would find 3D print files and accessories such as USB cables..

News and updates

August 4, 2023: PiKoder/SPE (UART2PPM)


March 27, 2022: 8 channel Bluetooth RC app

btRC promotion banner

July 1, 2021: JoystickRC with new UI

JoystickRC main screen

May 1, 2021: Joystick RC for Multicopter

Werbebanner Joystick4UAV App

June 20, 2020: Joystick2PPM app for USB2PPM

Joystick2PPM app set up

May 23, 2020: USB2PPM engineering board

USB2PPM engineering board
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