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Joystick R/C with PiKoder/SSC or PiKoder/PPM

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JoystickRC uses a Joystick connected to your PC to control up to eight servo channels by wire (e.g. for a robot arm in concert with PiKoder/SSC evaluation board), via Bluetooth (deploying a PiKoder/SSC RX receiver) or WLAN with a PiKoder/SSC wRX.

In combination with the PiKoder/PPM receiver family you can also interface to a flight controller such as an ArduPilot APM with a PPM signal.

The JoystickRC software "Open Source" and is released under a GNU General Public License Version 3. The Source Code is available on github.

Setup and Unser Interface

Main screen JoystickRC

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. The joystick movements, switches, and buttons can be flexibly mapped to the eight servo- or PPM channels. As you may expect, all channels can be trimmed and reversed allowing you to cater the program to your specific application.

A detailled description for a serial (USB) 'by-wire' application you will find in my blog "Joystick controls eight servos" and in "Control RC models with a joystick" you could find the setup for Bluetooth.


JoystickRC Executable Jar (.zip)

After the succesful download you would have to extract all files into your target directory - there is no install needed. You would start the application by double clicking 'start.x86.bat' (for a 32 Bit system) or start.x64.bat in a 64 Bit environment.


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