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PiKoder development board kits

PiKoder/SSC evaluation board

This kit allows you to efficiently evaluate the PiKoder/SSC. The pcb also provides for simplified integration into your system design because the servos can be connected right away to the controller. Additionally, all other in- and outputs are easy to adapt via connectors. Firmware upgrades "in-place" are supported through an ICSP port.

The PiKoder/SSC PRO Serial Servo Controller offers the control of up to eight servos either via I2C bus or through a UART serial port. Microcontrollers such as an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi feature these interfaces - there is no need for any additional hardware adaptor. If a PC is taking the host function then an off-the -shelf USB-UART would be needed to connect the PiKoder/SSC PRO to a USB port.

The PiKoder/PPM provides for a UART2PPM conversion thus allowing you to control PPM encoding for RC, robots, and drones through a serial UART. This encoder works with a broad range of supply voltages ( 3.3 to 5 Volts) allowing you to use a microcontroller's power supply in most instances.

The PiKoder/PPM USB2PPM is a single-chip-solution for controlling your RC transmitter via your computer's USB port. Power for the USB2PPM would be provided via the USB port. For specific hardware modifications for the interface the pcb provides a small prototype section.

The PiKoder/SSC DC is a base board greatly simplifying daisy chaining for up to eight PiKoders thus catering for up to 64 servo channels. It provides you with a bus driver, some logic to avoid shorts caused by communication problems, a dc-dc power converter and a holder for a radio – be it a Bluetooth module or a WLAN radio. This guide provides the respective settings, the wiring diagrams and the schematics and pinning of the board.


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